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  1. Hello,
    My call sign is KI5ERV and my husband’s call is KI5ERW. We are new to the hobby. My name is Alice and my husband’s is Carter. We both have the Yeasu FT 70DR ht radios and want to learn how 5o use them better. When is your next meeting?

    1. Hello, Alice & Carter!
      Welcome to the hobby. I remember how I felt when I was first learning this stuff, so thank you for reaching out.
      I’m communicating with some of our club members to see who might be able to assist. I am trying to get someone to reach out to you who is familiar with that particular HT.
      As for meetings, they occur about quarterly (and just started!), but we have not yet set our next meeting. So, unfortunately, I can’t provide you with a specific date.
      Hopefully, someone will contact you soon.

      In the meantime, you may find some of these resources helpful:

      N5JLB, Moderator

    2. AE5JO, John, let me know that he has previously reached out to you via email, but did not receive a reply. He was the person who was going to help you with this. You may have overlooked that email, or maybe it went into your spam folder. If you can find the email, contact him and he’ll lend a hand.

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