Equipment Status Update

Not long ago, some of the SADRC equipment was damaged by a nearby lightning strike. We have been working diligently to recover the capabilities that were lost.

This misfortune has also provided us an opportunity to make some changes that will improve the club’s ability to provide C4FM coverage the areas that matter to our members. Here is an overview of changes (some completed, some pending):


443.200 San Antonio will move sometime in September to the Texas Nexus. (This machine will be steerable and can be moved up to 60 minutes to other rooms and it will then default back to the Texas Nexus.

146.780 – We have a brand new repeater pair operating on 146.780 using a state of the art brand new DR2 repeater. This will connected to SADRC and is “non steerable”

We are currently using N8IQT’s duplexers at the commercial site operating on 147.160 temporarily until our 146.780 duplexers are tuned up. We are testing range with this new site and antenna. Please give us signal reports. This is connected on our network and Texas Nexus so we can determine range.

Moving Forward:

147.160 – Will be our North Repeater site connected to SADRC located at 281 in North Bexar County.

442.750 will be “Steerable” and can be moved.

441.8125 – W5NZK – This repeater operates low profile in Live Oak and we are looking for a home for this machine possibly is south San Antonio or wherever their is a need. We need your help to find a site.

We have a lot of activity going on behind the scenes that will require installation of multiple Link Nodes. We also plan to improve our internet service to speed up the Wires X connections, as the node radios’ audio and data has to go to Japan and then back to our SADRC Network. .

YSF – We plan on upgrading this network and hope that this new software will work better. Reflector # 84398 US SADRC

FCS – We are connected to the Canadian server on FCS 3 Room 46. This generally works pretty well.

Recap: Ways to use the system

5 Repeaters in SADRC (Above)
KARS Club: 444.900 Boerne, TX – Connected
K5UUT – 147.160 Round Rock coming aboard soon.
K0BRN – 145.270 Watauga (Fort Worth)
PDN – Can Assess the Network through Wires
YSF – Can Assess through your Hot Spot
FCS – Can Assess through your Hot Spot

We hope this clarifies things a bit, and look forward to seeing you at our next meeting on Wednesday , September 25th at 6PM at Jim’s Restaurant (Loop 1604 & Nacogdoches).

Please enjoy the network and remember to allow 3-4 seconds in between transmission. It’s helpful to check your audio with other hams so we have a great sounding repeater network! Some of these Yaesu radios come from the manufacturer with the mic gain turned up way too high for digital communication.


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