Tips and Tricks

  • How do I go to a particular Wires-X room with my radio?

    • NOTE: You will need to know the 5-digit Wires-X room number for the room you want to connect to before doing this.
    • If you prefer watching a video, then click HERE
    • Connect to a Wires-X node by pressing F button, then the AMS button. You will hear four rising tones when the radio successfully connects to Wires-X
    • Use the round selector knob on the top of the radio to scroll to the Enter screen (It has an En displayed and a * followed by some dots
    • Use the numbers keys to enter the room number
    • Press the AMS button
    • If successful, you will hear the four rising tones and the word CONNECT will display

  • How do I add a favorite Wires-X room to the radio’s memory?

    • Use the steps above to connect to a Wires-X node and the room you wish to save to memory
    • Use the knob on top of the radio to switch screen to display Cn
    • Decide which memory you want to use (1-5)
    • Long press that number (1, 2, 3, 4, or 5) to store it to that memory slot
    • You will hear a beep to confirm it is saved

  • How do I check my radio’s firmware versions?