SADRC Friends and Members: In the past year, many of you have asked how you can help keep the club operating financially. As you may (or may not) know, we’re not officially incorporated at this stage, so we cannot collect dues. However, after speaking to an accountant and an attorney we can receive “gifts of money.” This gift confers no membership status (other than our heartfelt thanks) and is not tax deductible like a donation to a charity is. Below is a link to a GoFundMe campaign, where you can make a gift of any size.  All money we raise through this campaign will go towards coveringRead More →

Not long ago, some of the SADRC equipment was damaged by a nearby lightning strike. We have been working diligently to recover the capabilities that were lost. This misfortune has also provided us an opportunity to make some changes that will improve the club’s ability to provide C4FM coverage the areas that matter to our members. Here is an overview of changes (some completed, some pending): REPEATER UPDATES & PLANS 443.200 San Antonio will move sometime in September to the Texas Nexus. (This machine will be steerable and can be moved up to 60 minutes to other rooms and it will then default back toRead More →

With the 9/25/19 club meeting approaching, we wanted to clarify what may be a misunderstanding about how SADRC Club membership and the SADRC Facebook group are related. Joining the Facebook group for SADRC is not the same as joining the club. Lots of folks from all over are members of the FB group, but many have no need to join the club. If you want to join the SADCR Club, please submit a membership application. You can find two versions in the Files section of the SADRC FB group, or use the one here, on our website: More →

SADRC September Meeting – All are invited!Date: Wednesday, September 25thTime: Arrival Time: 6PM – Dinner at 6:30, Meeting begins at 7PMLocation: Jim’s Restaurant located at 7000 E Loop 1604 at the corner of Nacogdoches and 1604. San Antonio We need a count for the manager to make certain we have enough room for this location. Please send a note to if you intend on coming. This is a great place to put a face with the people you talk to everyday. We are really excited to have you and look forward to presenting information on our new repeaters. We have a great group ofRead More →

On July 25, 2019, Yaesu came one step closer to the release of the new hand-held Fusion radio, the FT3DR, with the release of the official user manuals (four of them). Still no announced release date. You can download the six manuals HERE. Click on the Files tab. The manuals are in the lower portion of that screen.Read More →

On July 25, 2019, Yaesu released an update to the Wires-X software. The version 1.5.3 changes appear mainly to incorporate the new FT3D radio that is pending release.The update can be downloaded by clicking HERERead More →

QST QST QST – New Repeater now connected in DFW to SADRC! We are EXCITED to announce that Jeff – K0BRN has connected his new repeater in the NE Fort Worth area (Watauaga) full-time to the SADRC. Repeater frequency: 145.270 Digital Narrow. Please feel free to use his repeater when in the DFW area. Welcome aboard Jeff!Read More →